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Aerial GIS Technology:


Welcome to the Aerial GIS Technology demonstration web site. On these pages you can explore the possibilities of new aviation camera and systems technology integration.

Our aerial camera platforms have been developed with a view of keeping costs low and quality high. To the extent possible, we use Commercial Off The Shelf components (COTS) to minimize development time, speed technology integration, and preserve operational simplicity.

Aerial GIS Technology was started in 2006 as a division of TeamBuilders, Inc. a Nevada based corporation specializing in systems integration projects. The first year, we delivered high quality aerial photographs data analysis that identified specific geo-located targets based upon customer criteria. The data package we provided included high resolution, target images of and a database containing target extract data such as lat/lon location, address (street, city, state, and zip) and classification of targets. We also supplied an interface to popular GIS programs such as ArcGIS, AutoCAD, and Google Earth. All of this at a surprisingly reasonable price.

As you might expect, we are continually improving our capabilities.

In 2007, we developed and installed a patent-pending aerial camera system in a specially modified Cessna TU206 aircraft. This new computer-controlled camera and servo system was integrated with our image GIS system and our address retrieval software. This allowed us to take highly detailed area pictures and then complete image and data analysis on the ground. Survey time is fast, coverage areas are large, and quality and accuracy is consistent.

In 2008, added an astonishingly powerful Canon camera and lens combination to the airborne system. This improves the resolution by 116% compared to the prior year's images, giving us visibility of objects as small as 3 inches - all while flying at 5,000 feet and 150MPH. Our new flight planning software integrates with Google Earth and ArcGIS. This integration now lets our customers easily tell us where they want us to fly, and then allows us to send the customer accurate plots of planned tracks. These planned tracks are the same ones we load to our airborne GPS systems to accurately guide our seasoned pilots during survey flights. In one of the more remarkable efforts, we planned and executed a 250 square mile survey of Orange County, with the elapsed time from order confirmation to data availability being 72 hours.

Post processing of the images and data has greatly improved since 2006. This includes integration with most county parcel-level GIS mapping systems. When customers have requested targeting such as code violations or photovoltaic sighting suitability, we provide an easily-viewed page we call a technician dispatch report. This report places a photo snippet of the target, a map showing the location of the target, and tabular data all on one easily-printed page. Additionally, we now utilize a dedicated FTP server that allows customers to access the raw geo-located data the day immediately following the flight.

Our newest capability is the delivery of complete digital photo maps from our archives. These maps are compatible with ArcGIS, Microstation, AutoCAD, ERDAS, and other digital mapping systems. We have more than 3,500 square miles of California, available with less than 6-month age and 6" pixel resolution. You are not limited to our archives - we can photograph and survey new areas for you. In fact, this year, we expect to survey more than 3,500 square miles of California for other customers.

We provide data that can be merged with our customers mapping schemas, which include but are not limited to:


Base maps (Boundaries, Congressional Districts, Federal and Indian Lands, County Lines, City Lines, State Lines, Parcels, Elevation Points, Contour Lines, FEMA Flood Plains, Climate, etc.... )


Street Data (Streets, Biking Routes, Signs, Traffic Lights, High Voltage Poles, Manholes, etc....)


Building Data (School, Library, Foreclosures, etc....)


Wetlands (Creeks, Rivers, Lakes, Dams, Hydrology etc....)


Hazards (Earthquake, Flood, Vegetation, Fire, Tsunami etc....)


Geological ( Pollution, Special Environmental, Habitat etc....)


Land Use (Zoning, Parks, Mining, Grazing etc....)

Our survey services are modestly priced. Let us help you with your photo mapping needs today!

Contact Robert Franklin  510 889 1453

or Dennis Vied at 925 997 0799



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